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  • Commitment
    To us, success also means social commitment. More information: www.remis-darsilami.com

Committed to innovation, connected to the environment

The pleasure associated with the technical development of new ideas and the premise of making people’s lives that little bit easier go hand in hand with the pleasure we have in integrating environmental protection into our innovations and social commitment into our company philosophy.

REMIS Health Centre e.V.

Our involvement with Gambia (West Africa) began in 2003, arising from our many years of contact with Tengelmann AG, respectively HCE (Hilfs-Center-Essen-Darsilami e.V.).

In cooperation with the ISET (Institut für solare Energieversorgungstechnik/Institute for solar energy supply technology at the Kassel University), we carried out a project to supply the children’s dormitory in Darsilami (Gambia) with self-sustaining power by providing finance, technology and personnel, also on site.
Today we are still involved with this project, because people turn into friends.